Saturday, March 16, 2013

Long time no blog

Boy, has it been forever since I was last on here. I can't believe I let so much time pass before I stepped back into the bloggy world. I definitely missed it and all of you! The last time that I wrote i talked about changes. There have been so many more changes since that last post that I have to share so I can start anew! 

We finally got our own place and I absolutely love it! Its not huge and fancy, but small and clean. A perfect size for the four of us and it is right across the street from my sister-in-law! We also got new furniture, which I am ecstatic about because I have never had new furniture! Its an awesome feeling to have something new and your own!

When the new year hit I decided that I needed a fresh start so I gave myself a little make over and let me tell you it was not an easy task. I make such a huge mess when I do my own hair, but it was so worth it because I absolutely love my purple locks! It definitely turned out fantastic and i might just keep it purple until the day I die! That's right, I might be that crazy grandma with a purple hair do! haha.

Also, another big change is that Emery is now ONE! Ahhh! I cannot believe that my little man is one. And did I mention that he is walking already?! Such an impatient little booger. Its so fun to see him chase his sister around. haha. Its such a bittersweet moment when your babies hit those milestones. It still feels like yesterday when I was brought Evangelina home from the hospital and that was almost 5 years ago. 

Speaking of Evangelina, boy-oh-boy, is she a little drama queen diva. I can't get over it! There are times that we just butt heads like no other, but then there are times that she just cuddles up really close and says, "Momma, I love you." Aww. haha. Oh and let me tell you, this girl loves her music. She has-as she says it, "my boy bands and my justin bieber."  And whenever she hears one of their songs on the radio she has to have it turned up so she can dance around to it. And boy she can move. Just last night she was working up a sweat with all her dancing. haha It is so much fun to watch her dance and when Emery starts in, there's no holding back the laughter! Its such a good time.

What changes have taken place with you while I've been gone?



  1. Hi Danielle, found your lovely blog via the blog hop! I think our little ones are around the same age, I have a (nearly) five year old and a (nearly) one year old. You're so right about their milestones being bitter sweet, they're not little for long are they!

    Happy to be following along :)

    Kate x
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  2. So good to "see" you! I can't believe he is 1 year already! I see all your lovely pics on IG of your gorgeous family and I am so happy for you guys!
    Hugs xxx

  3. Hooray! You're back! I can't believe your little man is one. It goes too stinking fast.

    Glad you're enjoying your new place!♥


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