Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two more days

Two more days until my husband leaves for St. George, Utah where he will be starting his new job on Monday. I am extremely overwhelmed by this thought and I am unsure of when my husband and I will be together again. However, I know that distance does-in fact- make the heart grow stronger. 

How do you feel about distance?



  1. Oh no, I had no idea! Are you planning on moving there someday? Hang in there and just know that I am always here for you when you feel like talking! Hugs xxx

    P.S. Tell your hubs congrats on the job and good luck! :)

  2. Congrats to him on the new job!! And it does. Kev was stationed in Iraq for 6 months. We've also gone through boot camp, tech school, a TDY, and an additional year or so at his first duty station apart. Ehh it can get a little sketchy if you're dating, but when you're married-- it definitely does make the heart grow fonder. We had some serious issues before K deployed, but after that, we've never been stronger. True. Story. :D Haha! I'm here too if ya ever need to talk :) I've been through lots of separations :( But that should make me an expert, right? Haha!

    <3<3 ¡Nicole! <--- totally just figured out how to do that. thought you might appreciate it. :D

    1. And sidenote: I think you should move to Florida. :D

  3. My hubby and I dated long distance for 5 years before we were able to live together! It was a long road filled with potholes and slippery slopes but SOOOOO worth it in the end to say we made it! Best Wishes on the new Job!

  4. Aww so sorry that you will be without your hubby and I hope you see him soon! My boyfriend and I have been doing long distance for almost 2 years now and we have been together for 5. It's hard but very doable if you are committed to the relationship. The key is making time to talk and of course see one another! Hang in there and sending you bloggy hugs. :)

  5. You are so brave for going through a purposeful distance from your hubs! I don't know if I could do it - I've always been lucky to have my hubs in the same city as me. I'll be thinking of you lots during this transition! xoxo

  6. That's so hard! My husband and I lived in separate states literally until we got married. And I'm quite sure I'd never want to do something like that again. It's so much nicer to have them there, in person. But on the bright side, it's a good excuse to write to each other--I love the printed word, so the hundreds of emails my hubby and I exchanged before we got married are priceless to me!

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