Friday, June 22, 2012

Flashback Friday

Easter 2007

Oh my word, look how young we looked then! Especially, the hubsy. 
That was only a few weeks after we met for the first time and we were madly in love.
I can still remember the day we met, it truly feels like yesterday.
(cue flashback music  and wave)

Picture me, driving nervously to the bus station.
 My stomach feeling flip floppy with butterflies.My hands shaking with anticipation. 
Driving from the mall, where i make my living being a skin care specialist, to the bus station feels like eternity.
And of course, why would people pick today to be better drivers, so of course I'm my knuckles are white from clutching the steering wheel so tightly.
So many thoughts running through my mind. 
"He's here!"
"I hope he's not some psychopath."
"I can't believe he traveled on a bus for 4 days just to meet me and spend 2 weeks with me."
I finally reach my destination and park around the building so that I can cool my nerves a bit in the chill of the February air.
I turn the corner and that's when I see him.
His back is turned to me, but i know it is him. He is wearing a Set Your Goals hoodie and shivering in the cold.
"Beto?" I ask tentatively.
He turns around and smiles. 
In that second, I fell deeply in love with him.

(Back to present)

Thinking about that moment still makes my heart flutter. 
Its amazing how love finds us. 
Love found my husband and I thousands and thousands apart.
And love brought us together. 
I never imagined having a man that would leave everything that he knows to be with me.
He came to only to visit, but he ended up never leaving.

Do you have any memories that make your heart flutter?


  1. Hey girl!
    That was a sweet awesome post. I totally know that feeling! It also inspired me to write one of my own. Come see me! (again haha) ♥

  2. Awww! How sweet. For me, I still remember the first day after we were officially "together," but really more like friends since we, of course, weren't used to being a couple yet, I was seeing my Angel off at the airport and before he left he said, "Just to let you know, I'm not really comfortable with PDA." and two seconds later he kissed me right in the middle of everyone at the airport. I guess he just decided that no matter what he felt about PDA, he couldn't leave his girl without a goodbye kiss!

  3. sooo sweet. i almost felt like crying reading this... i remember all those feelings. ( that was a long time ago for me).. love this post girl.. so beautiful


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