Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Silly Little Man!


I just had to share this photo that my gorgeous cousin, Kaitlyn took. I cannot get over this face. Every time that I look at this picture it just makes me giggle! He is the cutest little man ever, of course, I am biased.
Don't you think this should be an add for something? Ahhh!! I just want to squeeze him! 
I have to admit, this baby is seriously one of the most happiest babies ever! He almost always wakes up happy! There's always a smile on his face! I have truly been blessed with such an amazing little man!  
Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks? hahaha.
Maybe he should be a baby model! haha.
I absolutely adore my little man! ♥

Speaking of the little man, he is now awake and fussing at me from his swing. Right now he is in that, "you-can't-ever-put-me-down-mom-NEVER-EVER" phase. So I pretty much spend most of his waking hours holding him and playing with him. I'm not complaining, but sometimes you need a break. haha.

Time to go cuddle with my little monster!


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