Monday, June 18, 2012

Mani Monday- Pop of color.

Nothing like a Mani Monday link up to start off the new blog.
I used to blog over at Positively Positive and I absolutely loved what I accomplished with that blog, but over the last few months, I changed and what I wanted to do with the blog changed. So, i decided it was time for a fresh start! So if you are following me from Positively Positive, thanks! I absolutely love all of my readers. If you are new, then, I can't wait to get to know you! It truly is amazing how friendships can form through blogland! 

Now, I am joining up with Glitter and Gloss in Mani Monday! I absolutely love doing my nails (when I find the time.) Its a fantastic creative outlet and way to show your own personal style. I have a difficult time finding the time to do my nails, but I intend to make more time for myself! 

Mani time!

Cute, huh?
I am obsessed with grey, white and yellow! 
There is just something so summery about those colors together!

Happy Mani Monday!!! ♥


  1. I agree - that gray and yellow looks fab together!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog - I'm excited to get to know yours more (the name alone speaks to me ;) )

  2. Hi dear my friend, I am your newest follower.. I found your very nice blog from me madonna. I have visited your blog and I like your style and your fashionable nails with grey and yellow.. So cute..:))
    I will be very happy if you visit my blog
    Nice to meet you... And best best wishes...:))

  3. This is so pretty, I love it! Grey and yellow are so beautiful together. Visiting from Mani Monday, can't wait to see more!


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