Sunday, July 8, 2012

Insta Week x 2

Hello gorgeous friends,
I hope that you all are having a fantastic weekend. Mine isn't too bad. We spent our weekend indoors because it is a scorcher out there. Yesterday, it was a high of 105, but today it won't be as horrible only in the mid nineties today. So maybe we will venture outside. Since we stayed inside yesterday we didn't go to the Arts and Crafts festival like I was hoping for, but I did get a lot of laundry done. haha. Woo, nothing says fun like a large load of freshly washed laundry. 
This weeks Insta Week is going to be 2 weeks in one, since that awful storm ruined last weeks post. Enjoy.

♥A sunflower that randomly started growing in my overgrown garden.
♥My two handsome men cuddling.
♥The little dude.
♥My nails from last week.
♥Blackie sitting so pretty.
♥Emery's piercing stare.

♥My sly little man.
♥During that terrible storm that rolled through.
♥My lovebugs.
♥The fridge after I had to throw away many of its contents.
♥ Blackie and Charger begging for toast.
♥Babydoll, my mom's pooch. I was dog sitting last week while they were at the beach.

♥Mmm, my margarita I made. Yummmm.
♥Emery and his Aunt Nique-Nique.
♥More cuddles with Aunt Nique-Nique.
♥Getting my owl worked on. Almost done!
♥Smiles from the little dude.
♥Flashback Friday on Instagram. Beto, Evangelina, and I in June 2009.

Do you have any exciting plans for the upcoming week?



  1. All of these pictures are so cute! Your with love is adorable too! Loved looking through this post xo

  2. That picture of your little one with that sly grin is TOO cute. I'm dying of joy.


  3. Womp, womp for no festival. What an adorable family :D And your dogs are SO CUTE. Gave ya a shout out on the blog, by the way :)


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