Monday, July 2, 2012

Mani Monday.

Hello lovelies! 
How was your weekend? Mine was spent in the sweltering heat without any electricity. We had a crazy-ass storm roll through Friday evening. Its said that it was the equivalent of a hurricane. My family and I were lucky to get our electric back on early Sunday morning. My mom is still without electric and they are saying that it might be up to a couple weeks until it comes back on. I feel so awful for them, but luckily they are going to be at the beach this week for my step-sister's wedding (which I wasn't invited to-yeah I'm just a tad sore about that.) 

Well, I am so happy to be back online! And I'm just in time to show off my nails and to show off a few nails that I am loving. 

Absolutely loving these nails from Pshiiit.

And these are just so clean and fresh! 

And here are my nails for the week.

Yellow is one of my absolute favorite colors. 
What do you think?

What are you wearing today?



  1. Love your yellow and stiped nails, so summery! I'm loving those nautical nails too. Visiting from Mani Momday!

  2. Pshiiit is a nail genius. I love everything she does.

  3. Those In the Navy nails are awesome :o) I'm loving your yellows too...might pop out and get me some yellow today...hmmmmmm....yes....I'm having a lemon and lilac lightbulb moment right

  4. I'm currently wearing zig zag nails with a super duper dark navy blue button & a dark maroon top. I LOVE those teal zig zag nails, oh my gosh!


  5. All of these are completely adorable, but I absolutely love the red, white, and blue mani - so creative and cute!!!

  6. such cute nails!
    here from the blog hop!
    excited to be your newest follower :)
    ps. i'd love for you to stop by and say hi at

  7. I am loving the nails! I am stopping by from the GFC blog hop! I am one of your newest followers.

    Mindy @ My Life As Mindy {}

  8. I love love love your sunny, bright and warm yellow nails! So pretty! Glad to be following you! Great blog and style!



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